Incredible cityscapes!

This week, 5AC have been busy sketching their own cityscape images. We focused on the size and shapes of various buildings within a city and how this could be used to create an exciting skyline.

Once drawn, we then developed our artistic skills by using a range of techniques to create a realistic water reflection of these buildings. We are very pleased with our finished pieces!




A big well done to a member of 5AC for earning their master scribe and certificate! Throughout the year they have demonstrated resilience and determination to improve their handwriting and it is certainly well deserved! Great work!


The Wonder Garden

On Friday, Year 5 were introduced to our new book for guided reading.

In order to discover what the book was about, we were given a challenging jigsaw puzzle to reconstruct. We demonstrated excellent resilience and team work to piece the puzzle together and were excited to find out that our book is about the many wonders/habitats of our environment and the importance that we have in respecting and caring for it.

We are looking forward to reading more of the book over the coming weeks!

Perfect parachutes!

This morning, we had the opportunity to carry out some scientific enquiries focusing on what makes the most effective parachute and therefore creating the most air resistance.

We began by making a range of parachutes and choosing which variables to keep the same and which to change. Most of us chose to either change the material of the parachute or its size. We then tested the models we had made and recorded the time it took for them to fall. These results were then collated into graphs so that we could compare our results with other groups.

We really enjoyed the team work that was required as well as the opportunity to be creative!

SS Mendi – The Ship History Forgot

This week we have finding out lots of information about the SS Mendi and the story of its tragic sinking. Initially, we all had our own thoughts and ideas about what may have caused the ship to sink and were very surprised and saddened to discover the true story surrounding its tragedy.

In order to gather this information and find out more details, we took part in an information run. We were given a list of questions to find the answers for and had to travel around the classroom and outside to read the different information cards and match up the question and answer.

We are currently creating fact files detailing the story of the Mendi and have discussed the reasons behind why this ship may not have been remembered.  Later in the term we will begin to explore what we could do to commemorate those on board and ensure that the SS Mendi will no longer be forgotten.

Dragons’ Den

During this half term, Year 5 have been writing persuasive pitches to sell either a longboat or a Viking house. We have explored the different features of persuasive writing and practised applying these to our writing. For Home Learning, we were also asked to make either a poster or model of our chosen product to demonstrate the features that make it unique. Today, these were presented to Gemma the Viking who eagerly returned to see all of our creations!