Aladdin photo challenge!

We hope that you have a wonderful, restful Half Term break as you have certainly all earnt it! We do not set Home Learning over holidays but if you decide to practise some of the Aladdin dances at home, we would love to see a photo of you doing this; you might be on the trampoline or in the middle of the garden, the more interesting the better! If you do take a photo, please email it to me and I will post it on the blog. My email is

Keep dancing!


Fabulous Viking Sagas!

Over the last few weeks, Year 5 have worked incredibly hard to write their very own Viking sagas and this afternoon gave them the opportunity to share them!

Children from Year 4 joined us for a story session where they had the chance to hear a range of exciting sagas written by different children across the year group. We were very grateful to Year 4 for joining us and a comment from one particular child, ‘I think they were amazing!’, really made us smile!


Viking Sagas

Over the course of this half term, Year 5 have been discovering more about the life of Vikings. As part of our English lessons, the children have been exploring Viking sagas and have written their very own! The children have worked incredibly hard on their sagas and we would therefore like to invite parents/guardians to come into school at the end of the day on Friday 1st February to hear their child read their fantastic work.

Visitors are welcome to arrive at 3:40. We look forward to seeing you then!



A very big well done to the following children who have earned either their Scribe or Master scribe today. They have all been working incredibly hard on their handwriting since the beginning of Year 5 and we are very proud of their achievements!


Let’s Investigate!

This afternoon, 5AC became scientists! We firstly observed that sugar dissolves in water, which led us to question whether all substances dissolve in water. As part of our enquiry we tested 6 different substances to see if they would all dissolve. We thought carefully about how we would work scientifically, including how to create a fair test.

We recorded our interesting findings and have already begun to discuss where our next science enquiry will take us!


Vicious Vikings!

A very big welcome back to everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed the break.

5AC have been especially busy this afternoon discovering more about our new Vikings topic – Raiders and Invaders! As a class, we shared what we currently know about the lives of Vikings and then began to explore in detail their journey in longboats across the seas. We all took part in a Viking ship reconstruction relay, where we worked in small groups to study a hidden picture and memorise as much of it as possible, before returning to our groups to describe in detail what we saw. It was fantastic to see the detailed observations that we could make and remember, even under a time pressure!

This activity has certainly helped us to understand more about the design and build of a Viking longboat.

Merry Christmas!

You made it! It has been a fantastic first term in 5AC and I have been so impressed with the focus, hard work and determination which you have shown. You all have a lot to be proud of both in the work you have produced, and the kind, caring way you treat one another.

I hope that you have a relaxing Christmas break, you have most definitely earned it!